I was delighted to help celebrate Orchid’s Blogoversy onSaturday, October 25, 2014 with this Interview:

A Haunting 6th Blogoversary (Day the Fourth) with Claudia White

Welcome back to the fourth day of A Haunting 6th Blogoversary. Today I have the ever awesome Claudia White, author of Aesop’s Secret and The Key to Kashdune, over to help me celebrate another year of blogging.

Guys, if you haven’t checked out her delightfully entertaining middle grade series you are really missing out (it’s one of my favorites). I have also been very lucky to work with Claudia over the last year during All About Middle Grade feature with an interview, which y’all should definitely check out. You can learn more about Claudia White by visiting her website.

Check out the interview here 

Work in Progress (WIP) Blog Tour

Tuesday 09 September 2014

An invitation in my inbox–what a lovely surprise! Author M. L. LeGette invited me to participate in the Work in Progress (WIP) Blog Tour and I’m excited to take part.  What a terrific idea to offer authors the chance to share snippets about upcoming projects.

But before I get into my WIP, I would like to thank M. L. Legette for inviting me along.  Ms. LeGette’s books take you on magical adventures and I can’t wait to read her next one.  You can see what she’s up to in her WIP by visiting her post for the tour here.

WIP is a fun way to stay on top of what a lot of authors are working on and I’m delighted to give you a glimpse into what Melinda and Felix Hutton’s next adventure has in store for them in my own WIP.

Now…here are the rules for the tour:   Provide the link back to the post by the person who nominated you (see above). Write a little about and give the first sentences of the first three chapters of your current WIP, then nominate four other writers to do the same.

My working title for this book in the series is Prey and Prejudice; a title very likely to change as the story takes form.

Prey and Prejudice

Melinda and Felix Hutton head off on their next adventure, travelling from Sweden to the Southwest of the United States to Japan and beyond in hopes of connecting myths and fables to their Athenite ancestry.  What they discover is beyond any expectation that they have had about their lineage and its relegation to fairytales.  There are others living amongst us whose existence has been immortalized in stories as well.  What first appears to be a wonderful kinship turns ugly and then dangerous as they get closer to discovering the truth behind the tricksters of legends.

My stories usually include places that have impressed me and the folktales inspired by the region.  I have long wanted to write a story that uses the Sonoran Desert as a backdrop and this is it!    It is fun for me to link together fables, folktales and myths that have been told and retold around the world for generations; stories whose similarities are astounding given their ancient roots and geographic origins.

Chapter One

Felix’s mother had studied stories about ghosts occasionally spotted around the derelict buildings—ghosts of animals reported by native people and archaeologist studying in the area.

Chapter Two

I’ve flown great distances before; I can do it again!  As Melinda remained seated, at least the idea was taking flight.  I can navigate by music!

Chapter Three

Felix squared his shoulders in an attempt to look menacing and then noticed Melinda’s clothes crumpled on the chair.  He looked back at the coyote.  “Melinda,” he hissed.  “Just what do you think you’re doing?”

Now I’d like to tag some wonderfully talented authors to join the tour.  Have a look at their books and upcoming projects:

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