Aesop’s Secret

“Middle Grade readers will be intrigued by the cover of Aesop’s Secrets, and hooked by its storyline. A mix of magic, a little science, and great cast of characters makes this a nice little book. I could see it be used as a successful read aloud”
Literacy Love Reviews

 Bodicia“Claudia White has written an appealing and intelligent story which even this forty something woman found endearing to read. I shall be keeping this one to hand for when my granddaughter is a little older.”

A Woman’s Wisdom

Orchid“While I enjoyed the mystery and twists within Aesop’s Secret, I am going to leave y’all in the dark so you can discover what will befall the Hutton kids in what is now one of my favorite middle grade books this year. Just know this, Aesop’s Secret is a fast paced, addictive read… ”
Haunted Orchid Reviews

The Book Smugglers“I especially loved Melinda, how excitable she was, how gross she could be and the way that she so eagerly wants to turn into all sorts of animals (ha, even a giant frog).”
The Book Smugglers Reviews


Dee J Kirkby“The intriguing and unique cover wrapped around Aesop’s Secret by Claudia White is a perfect reflection of the sublime fantasy story inside.”
Author Alliance’s Dee Kirby Reviews

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Mr Ripley’s One to Watch: Aesop’s Secret By Claudia White – May 2013

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The Dewey Divas and the Dudes“Aesop’s Secret by Claudia White – MP Publishing Chapter Book Ages 10-12 When Melinda and Felix find out that they are  not like other kids, they are off on a wild adventure.”Dewey Divas Picks CHILDREN Fall 2013 Martin and Associates

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Key to Kashdune 

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Age at time of review – 10
Reviewer’s Location – Colchester, CT, United States


If you like reading fantasy and adventure like I do, you will enjoy Key to Kashdune. I liked Key to Kashdune because the people on Kashdune change into animals. There is a wide variety of interesting and exciting characters that you will meet along the way. Claudia White made the community of Kashdune come to life. She did a great a great job of describing the details for the island of Kashdune.

Orchid“Final Verdict: Key to Kashdune- One of the most enjoyable reads of the year! Great writing and storytelling make this a must read.”

Key to Kashdune earns five stars

“This is a great entertaining read which has a hidden melody to lift you into the fantasy cloud for the duration of the story. A heartwarming, funny and charming family quest that will take you on a journey that you won’t want to end. When it finally does, you’ll definitely want to read the next installment very soon. This is Mr Ripley’s Younger Read recommendation for all children but especially girls.”

Dee J Kirkby“First thing N3S said to me this morning – “Mum, you’re going to absolutely *love* Key to Kashdune!” :)“I am reading the sequel to Aesop’s Secret called The Key to Kashdune (by Claudia White) which my 11 year old son read first and tortured me by telling me how awesome each chapter was each time he finished reading one.  And, you know what? He was right, this book is SO awesome!  I am on chapter four and enjoying every word of this madcap adventure fantasy.”
 Good Reads/Amazon review  5 of 5 stars:
“My 11 year old son read this first and then nagged me for weeks to begin reading it because he had enjoyed it so much and couldn’t wait to find out if I would too. I thoroughly enjoyed this, even more than Aesop’s Secret (the first in the series), a fact which came as a surprise. However, I am now eagerly awaiting the third book in this series as I cannot imagine, but am very much looking forward to finding out, whe re the story will go next.

Bodicia“Aesop’s Secret was a book I reviewed at the beginning of the year so I was thrilled to get my hands on a copy of the follow up –  Key To Kashdune.Claudia White has written another fabulous story any little girl would enjoy, imaginative and entertaining.”

I wasn’t surprised that the follow up to Aesop’s Secret is fun and full of twists and turns! I enjoyed meeting a number of new, intriguing characters and the elements of music and connectedness in this sequel. I think it holds up very well and does a great job continuing this fantasy tale. Very much looking forward to see what is next for Felix, Melinda and the rest of the bunch!”